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Meet the Team Foundation Repair Los Angeles

over 850 years of combined practical experience

Alpha Structural, Inc. offers our customers the most qualified foundation repair staff in all of Southern California.

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Our team collectively has over 850 years of combined practical experience in foundation repair, hillside foundation repair, engineering and inspection. Learn more about our staff by clicking on a name below.

David Tourje, Owner and CEO

David Tourjé

Owner, CEO

Alpha Structural Owner/CEO David Tourjé began plying his trade in 1978, specializing in hillside construction and structural repair. Many of the high profile hillside homes built in L.A. during the 1980s featured Tourjé’s handiwork. He has repaired or underpinned more than 5,000 structures and slopes in his career, while inspecting and evaluating more than 10,000 properties. He brings unwavering dedication and a lifetime of experience to each project.

Linda Tourje, Owner & Chief Financial Officer

Linda Tourjé

Owner & Chief Financial Officer

Linda Tourjé is Alpha Structural’s Owner/Chief Financial Officer. She oversees the administrative and financial operations of Alpha Structural, ensuring smooth administrative operations and prompt response to client questions.

Kyle Tourje, Senior Structural Assessor

Kyle Tourjé

Senior Structural Assessor

Kyle Tourjé Is Alpha Structural’s Senior Structural Assessor. Kyle has the construction industry in his blood, growing up learning about foundation and hillside repair and replacement.

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He worked his way up from the beginning, starting as a builder, then crew foreman, then Structural Assessor. Kyle’s been steeped in construction terminology his entire life, giving him an unparalleled perspective when it comes to determining the exact nature of a foundation problem and its solutions, which is exactly what he does. Kyle works with customers to ensure that the foundation repair process goes smoothly from design to completion.

Brad Nestler, Senior Structural Assessor

Brad Nestler

Senior Structural Assessor

Brad Nestler is Alpha Structural, Inc’s Senior Structural Assessor. Brad’s been working on structural repairs and upgrades to homes for years, with a specialization in foundations.

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Brad inspects properties and designs efficient solutions that provide excellent results while saving on construction costs. He works with homeowners through each phase of the process to make sure their vision for the property is maintained throughout construction.

Erinn Rusnak, Structural Assessor

Erinn Rusnak

Structural Assessor

Erinn Rusnak is Alpha Structural’s Structural Assessor. Erinn’s worked for years on multiple aspects of construction, including soft story retrofitting, structural repairs/upgrades to foundations, hillside homes, retaining walls, waterproofing, and drainage. Erinn’s technical skills and eye for efficiency make him a natural Structural Assessor.

Dave Schlaich, Vice President of Production

Dave Schlaich

Vice President Production

As Alpha Structural, Inc.’s Vice President - Production, Dave Schlaich manages all engineering and construction projects from design through final inspection. Dave, Mark and David Tourjé have personally trained each job supervisor, foreman and carpenter at Alpha, and made sure their work lives up to the Alpha Standard.

Mike Sprock, Soils and Grading Specialist

Mike Sprock

Soils and Grading Specialist

Mike Sprock is Alpha Structural’s Soils and Grading Specialist, and he’s earned that title. Mike has over 50 years in the soils industry, from high-rise construction to residential hillside development.

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For more than 26 years, Mike was owner/operator of Southwest Geotechnical, making a name for himself as the go-to for soil advice in Southern California. Mike has been working with Dave Tourjé for more than 35 years, and the two share a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to make buildings that last in the SoCal soil.

Anwar Alam - Alpha Structural

Anwar Alam

Senior Structural Engineer

Anwar is a hands-on leader with extensive experience of 27 years in planning, design, and inspection involving aviation, hospitals, schools, hotels, retail centers, restaurants, residential, soft stories, non-ductile concrete. He efficiently and effectively designs and manages projects from design development through detailed construction document phases. He brings a strong commitment to delivering quality work that meets client expectations. Furthermore, he has extensive experience with client interfacing and relationship management, with strong organizational, time management, supervision, and interpersonal skills.

Joe Demers - Alpha Structural

Joe Demers

Civil Engineer

Joe helps design the most efficient solutions for our projects and is a true problem solver. Whether a project is in the design phase, or mid construction, Joe is there to make the job and everyone’s life easier. He began his journey with Alpha Structural in 2016 and has become an integral part of the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Daniel Aparicio - Alpha Structural

Daniel Aparicio

Civil Engineer

Daniel Aparicio is an associate engineer at Alpha Structural, Inc. with six years of experience in project management and structural design. Daniel is specifically responsible for leading one of the experienced design teams at Alpha Structural. This involves completing structural design projects on time, with structural repair/retrofit solutions that meet the needs of the clients and are practical to build. The goal for Daniel is to always strive for improvement and specialize in structural design with an interest in geotechnical engineering to fully master retrofitting existing buildings.

Missy Temps - Alpha Structural

Missy Temps

VP of Viability

While many posts within the office have a more day-to-day function, Missy plans for the future of the company and our attainment of specific goals. Expansion is her objective and getting there requires expert planning, something she knows quite well. She also oversees legal points, so nothing falls through the cracks. Missy precisely steers the Alpha ship.

Aaron Clitheroe

Structural Assessor

Aaron began in the trenches of the construction industry as a Laborer and Foreman. This gave him hands-on experience on what works and what doesn’t; experience that he leans on now as a Structural Assessor. He knows how to get the job done right and designs his repairs accordingly.

Elmer Puac

Vice President Production

Elmer Puac started with Alpha in 2016 and has moved up the ranks from foreman to his current position as Vice President of Production. Elmer oversees every project from beginning to end and ensures each job site is up to the Alpha Standard. As he directly oversees the job supervisors and foreman, he always is up to date on what the next steps are with every project. With years of experience in the trenches Elmer knows the best solutions for every situation because he has done it before.

Damien - Alpha Structural


Structural Assessor

With over 35 years of hands-on construction experience, Damien brings a wealth of expertise to Alpha Structural. Raised in Portuguese Bend, CA—a region prone to landslides—his upbringing instilled diverse skills for addressing structural issues. From foundation work, retaining walls, drainage, and waterproofing, Damien's in-depth knowledge and experience make him invaluable, embodying our commitment to delivering effective and resilient solutions at Alpha Structural.

John - Alpha Structural

John Folk

Structural Assessor

John Folk, structural assessor at Alpha Structural with over 40 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. John's experience spans across residential, commercial, and industrial projects. He specializes in construction management, concrete, and masonry, making him an asset to our team. His “make it happen” attitude, exemplary team leadership, and passion for the industry ensure successful project completion and client satisfaction every time.

Albert - Alpha Structural


Structural Assessor

With over 14 years of experience in drafting and design, combined with hands-on experience working in the field here at Alpha Structural, Albert brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Albert’s unique skill set enables him to help clients visualize their structural needs and develop effective repair designs. He has a deep understanding of the planning and design process and uses this knowledge to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their structural issues.

Dan- Alpha Structural


Structural Assessor

Daniel’s background in mining and concrete construction provides him with a unique perspective and technical expertise. Through his extensive field work at Alpha Structural where he focused on structural repairs and upgrades, he acquired valuable hands-on experience that allows him to create practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

A foundation is more than just the bottom floor of your property. It is the base that supports everything you work so hard to protect. At Alpha Structural, Inc., we treat each project with that level of responsibility and respect. That’s why families and businesses across Los Angeles choose us to protect the structures that protect them. If you want your foundation built to the Alpha Standard, contact us today to schedule an inspection.