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FAQ Foundation Repair Los Angeles

Can any contractor do foundation repairs with a General Contractor license?

No. Per the California State License Board: “a general building contractor shall not take a prime contract for any project involving trades other than framing or carpentry unless the prime contract requires at least two unrelated building trades or crafts other than framing or carpentry, or unless the general building contractor holds the appropriate license classification or subcontracts with an appropriately licensed specialty contractor to perform the work.”

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Do you provide reports?

We provide an Observation Letter. This is an itemized letter that shows what we observed and provides recommendations for each observation. The letter is written in language that is easy to understand to help make sure you have actionable information you can use to make the most informed decisions possible regarding your property.

How long does it take to get this letter?

Your Observation Letter will show up between 24-48 hours following your inspection.

Do you provide estimates or costs associated with the repairs?

As both General Engineering Contractors and Structural Engineers, your Alpha Structural team has a distinct advantage in that we can provide you with assessments of the problems as well as efficient solutions. We can also advise on potential costs for those repairs based on decades of experience and are happy to do so upon request.

Will you do a soil analysis as well?

While we are not a geotechnical firm, we have worked closely with and employ soil specialists on staff. If the project requires soil analysis, Alpha will coordinate and expedite the entire process, whether it is a foundation or hillside-related issue.

Will a structural engineer be doing my inspection?

Your inspection will be performed by a Structural Assessor. Our Structural Assessors assess each property and recommend any necessary repairs based on their experience and expertise. Our Structural Assessors work closely with the Engineering and Construction Departments to make sure their assessments and solutions are accurate and effective. Alpha Structural has both Structural Engineers and General Engineering Contractors who are on hand to lend their considerable expertise in projects as required by our Structural Assessors.

Can you provide me a quote or an estimate based on a report?

We do not provide estimates over the phone or based on the recommendations of another party. As part of our philosophy of ensuring the Alpha Standard of quality, we must see the property firsthand to ensure that you get the most accurate and appropriate recommendations possible for your needs.

Do you need to access my home? Why or why not?

Yes. We require access to your home as part of a thorough inspection. There may be cracks or other evidence of alignment issues inside the home that could be valuable clues as to the cause or extent of your foundation repair issues. This is especially true with homes that feature slab foundations, as there is no way to access the foundation through a crawl space beneath the home.

Do your inspectors use tools as part of their assessments?

Our inspectors use their eyes and their experience performing thousands of similar projects to make their assessments. No other tools are needed.

A foundation is more than just the bottom floor of your property. It is the base that supports everything you work so hard to protect. At Alpha Structural, Inc., we treat each project with that level of responsibility and respect. That’s why families and businesses across Los Angeles choose us to protect the structures that protect them. If you want your foundation built to the Alpha Standard, contact us today to schedule an inspection.